Esteban Salazar

Esteban Salazar


Esteban Salazar is a lifelong San Luis Valley resident and a local small business manager. He has worked for the SLV Small Business Development Center since 2011 and specializes in assisting new business owners & prospective business owners with the basics of starting a new business. He is well experienced with assisting business owners acquire new technology skills for the rapidly changing and computer driven business world.

Esteban graduated from Adams State University in 2009. He owns a computer repair and computer instruction service titled Computers, Consultations & Instruction LLC. Mr. Salazar has authored a number of business plans for startups and business owners who have required capital injection in the form of a loan. Esteban was intimately involved in the 2011 Alamosa County special election & education campaign that informed voters of the need for a new Alamosa City Hall & Public Library. He is a sitting board member of the San Luis Valley Food Hub advisory board & a long time member of the SLV Local Food Coalition.

Mr. Salazar has deep roots in the greater San Luis Valley community and is very knowledgeable when it comes to the diverse communities and shared resources that make up the SLV area. He lives in Alamosa but has lived or worked in all of the 6 counties of the San Luis Valley.

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